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Christmas cake

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Christmas cake

 cut my Christmas cake today,,  no I didn't ice it as it's too sweet, and didnt even decorate it.... qahtan


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soooo good looking  :)

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I just cut into my Guinness cake, qahtan, and it's also very good and not too sweet.  I used some dried wild cherries this year, plumped with the raisins, and they taste lovely and tart against the richness of the cake.

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I never ice mine, no one seems to miss it either, don't even put the almond paste on, as its really expensive here. And I hadn't learned to make it at the time.

Mine simply disappears so I know it must be good, I make a dark and a light, and just had a slice of the dark with cheddar cheese, while visiting, so it is a good either plain or decorated with a good slice of cheddar!

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Guinness is always good for me, what kind of cake is that, Paddy?

Happy New Year,