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2/25/07 Experiments

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2/25/07 Experiments

Today I tried to make the NYT no-knead bread.  I didn't have a heavy covered pot so I just put it in a baking dish, uncovered.  I tried to post a picture of it, but I have no idea what I'm doing wrong because nothing is happening.  I got all excited, taking pictures of the loaf, grain, etc.  My husband thought I was nuts!  I don't know how it was supposed to be inside, but it was spongy with even holes that were quite a bit larger than my normal homemade hearth loaf. 

I have been trying all sorts of things to get my hearth bread to have holes like I see in photos on the site.  Today I tried quite a bit less flour so that the dough was quite sticky.  I had a hard time getting surface tension, and my slashes were a joke!  The bread turned out nice and spongy inside but I was disappointed the holes weren't really any bigger than with the full amount of flour. 

 I really need to learn how to put in pictures because I really need feedback!


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I am not a pro. but I would bet that if you had put your dough in a hot cassrole dish with a hot cover in a hot oven you probably would have enjoyed your results a lot more. Holes require lots of water. In the dough and in the oven. It is difficult to get that much steam in the oven. You also need to be careful about degassing what you have allowed to raise. Gently dump, turn out the messy blob into the hot pot. Put the blob of dough on to wax paper or parchment that has been floured. When ready to transfer dough remove the hot pot from the oven & place it on the counter on top of a trivit or a towel. Close oven door. Gently upturn the dough into the pot. Have your bakers or bowl scraper ready in case it sticks. Don't fuss. Work quickly. If a little sticks leave it. If you must slash, Cut with a sizzor. You can not drag a blade through wet dough. Back into oven. Cover on. I find 20 minutes covered and 30 minutes or 205 degrees is perfect. Good luck.