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What would you get?

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What would you get?

Not to be ungrateful but I didn't get anything I asked for, which included bread making supplies, for Christmas.  This year was full of random things...

I did get a $25 American Express gift certificate though and want to use it for something bread related.  What would you buy if you were me, an Escali scale or a bread making book?

I really need a scale (I've been converting recipes to volume and guesstimating dough weights).  A book would be nice but it's not necessary right now.

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Escali scale!

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the Mustard Yellow Escali scale!  I've been wanting one for months and now I will have one!

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If you can get the Escali for $25, go for it, whatever the color.  It is a great little scale.  As for a book, you can get a lot of uncopyrighted recipes here as well as leads to techniques and internet videos, so you might be able to put off the book for a bit.  Enjoy.

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A good scale is an essential kitchen tool. Once you have it you will wonder why you waited so long to get one.



(Flame on)


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I have the Escali scale and love it.  I also bought the adapter to go with it but am using a battery right now.

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I love my scale - my bread baking and confidence improved when I bought mine.