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Ciabatta Bread Attempt

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Ciabatta Bread Attempt

1:52 p.m.:

Well, the dough has risen once and, as instructed, I have shaped it into two "irregular ovals," or at least what I hope are irregular ovals. Now they are sitting atop parchment paper, hopefully doubling in size again, waiting to be transferred to my pizza stone on the bottom of rack of the oven, which I will turn on to pre-heat in about 10 minutes. Here they were, just before I covered them:

So, there they are. I've never baked bread on parchment before, so here's hoping I can slide these on to the stone and not ruin the shape.

Niggling worries: The dough did have some bubbles, but I don't know that I would call it "bubbly." It is elastic, certainly, but awfully sticky. Since the recipe says the dough will be sticky, I suppose this is alright, but I am a bit worried. Ok, time will tell.....literally.....

Update to follow!







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Hi shutzie27

I use BP all the time - makes the dough much easier to move around safely.

I wasn't going to answer this once I saw the date - but I think any post deserves at least one response and I didn't see it at the time.

Hope you're still baking!

Cheers, Paul

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Thank you, Paul.

I'm still baking; in fact, I'm hoping to bake my way through the Bread Bible. I just finished onion rolls and am hoping to post that soon. 

This post is back dated because I had accidentally deleted the photos for it and had to re-upload them. Apparently that made the post appear as "Recent" in the forums. 

Thanks again for the encouragement. See you around and happy baking! 

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It was making a ciabatta for the first time that made me realise that the more water you can get into a dough, the better it rises.

Here's my take on it:

To my mind it's one of the easiest breads to make - and the rewards are out of proportion to the effort put in, if you know what I mean.

Happy bread making indeed!

Best wishes, Paul

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What is BP? I know I'll feel stupid when I find out, can figure most out, but BP? Thanks, Jean P. (VA)

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would be baking parchment or baking paper, in this context.  No need to feel stupid; you are smart to ask.