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Long time baker, but new here. Nice community

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Long time baker, but new here. Nice community

I've been reading the site for a couple of weeks and have to say it seems like you have a nice community here. I've been baking for 25 years. Right now it's a great way to wait out the rain storms in Southern California. Decided to try a new starter in this cool weather. I find they have a different character than those I start in the warmer season. Fortunately I can get very fresh milled whole spelt flour here. It's got plenty of spunk. I'll post a thread with a few photos as it gets going.

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Mini Oven

I hear there is more rain on the way!  Welcome to TFL! 

I like spelt flour too.  Wishing you a good starter start. :)

My spelt starter is made from a rye starter.