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Baparoma Steam Pan Recipes

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Baparoma Steam Pan Recipes

I have a Baparoma Steam Pan that I have just purchased and want to get started on making a variety of breads in it, unfortunately the recipe book did not come with it. I have the recipe for the baguette, can anyone share other recipes with me? Im particularly interested in knowing how to make bagels in it. Thanks.

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I believe you can do a search for the manual on line.  If you don't find it, repost and I will send you some of the recipes.  You can pretty much use all kinds of recipes that you shape and fit onto the pans. 

I have done a lot of the 5 min. a day recipes.  My favorite is a slightly modified version of the Sicilian bread.

I love my pans.  Terry R

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Hello Terry,

I have a pan but no manual or recipes.  Anything you can send me would be GREAT!



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Here's a link from my google docs acct for the Baparoma manual

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Thanks Terry I have the manual that is available online, it only has 1 recipe in it and I would really appreciate more if you could send me some recipes, im really excited about getting one of these pans as they are fairly rare now days, cant wait to try a few things in it.

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I just found a Baparoma pan in my cabinet that I did not realize I have. No instructions or recipe's though. Any suggestions what I can do with this? Be kind, please. :-)




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There are recipe books for a reasonable price (although it is a Copy of the original) on Ebay. Just Search Baparoma and two books will come up. One is the manual for the baking pans and the other is a book of Baparoma recipes. Sometimes it sells out but usually returns. Not just bread recipes-I love the Steamed Shrimp & Mussels & Oriental Poached Fish.