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Need help converting zolablue's recipe

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Need help converting zolablue's recipe

I want to convert zolablue's cinnamon roll recipe to sourdough, how would I do this?  My starter is 100% hydration white.  Volume measurements needed please.

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Hi BG,

Susan of WildYeast wrote about why it's not always such a good idea to convert a yeast recipe to sourdough.  As she says, you aren't going to wind up with what was intended.  It's a good read.

Why not use a tried and tested sourdough cinnamon roll recipe?  Mountain Dog published a pretty good one here.

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but I think the relative who developed it was a "scooper" when it came to measuring flour.  I use the fluff, spoon and level method and I had to put in a lot more flour (in cups) than the recipe called for.  So, my guess is that the person who developed the recipe packed a lot more flour in a cup than I do.  

That doesn't make a difference in your quest to convert it to sourdough but you might want to be aware that quantities may be different than you expect.