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KA Artisan MIxer Problem

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KA Artisan MIxer Problem

Quick Question...

Just got my new Artisan mixer and tried my first loaf.

Rye bread. 5 minute method etc.

mixed the flours and other dry ingredients first with the whisk.

changed to the dough hook then added the water and molasse and mixed.


it wouldnt mix all the way to the bottom.

what did i do wrong? i would scrape it down and it would help.

if i sped it up ( I mixed on level 2) it would bring up some more of the flour.

any help would be greatly appreciated. i have been trying to get one of these mixers for so long.

this was disappointing.




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Hi Don - don't be disappointed.   Just get out the KitchenAid manual that came with your mixer and look for the section on "beater to bowl clearance." 

Here's a direct link to the KitchenAid instructions.

Sometimes things get out of wack during shipping.

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I was thinking that maybe i had to put in wet stuff first etc. then add flour.

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Home Baker

I use a KitchenAid mixer with a dough hook to mix breads, and I also use either the whisk or the paddle attachment to combine dry ingredients before I mix the dough.

I get better results if I start by stirring spoonfuls of the flour mix into the water by hand -- not by adding liquids to the flour. I stir in flour until it makes a kind of thick slurry, like a wet plaster. Then I attach the bowl to the mixer, attach the paddle and carefully add flour by spoonfuls. When the mixture starts thickening, more like cement texture, I switch to the dough hook, and keep adding flour, but less heaping spoonfuls and less frequently as the dough develops. It's sometimes necessary to stop the mixer and scrape the sides of the bowl to ensure that all of the ingredients are mixed into the dough. Once the dough forms into a ball I stop adding. If there is some flour left it can be used to flour the board during shaping or stretches, but only sparingly. 

Using this technique helps the mixer to pull the flour it needs from the bottom and sides into the dough on its own. It also helps to keep the mixer from throwing flour all over the room or splashing water out the sides of the bowl.

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I use the hook only and slowly add the liquid.Looks like there are several ways,try them until you find one you like!I have found,as you did,that dumping the liquid in all at one and then starting the mixer gives the result you described.The reverse is a little better,but not really much.

I do love my KA though!

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I think i have it figured out.  I made the batards from Fertigs book.

i mixed the water, yeast and salt with the paddle then added flour a cup at a time until it was mixed. I changed to the dough hook after 3 cups. I thought it might be overmixed but the loaves turned out quite well.

thanks again for all of your help.