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Hi from Michigan!

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Hi from Michigan!

Hi everyone!

I found this site a couple of weeks ago and am looking forward to exploring the forums and communicating with other bakers. I started baking bread at home a few years ago (mostly sandwich loaves) and have recently branched out into more artisanal breads in the last few months. I am also on a quest to find the best bagel recipe to make at home as authentic bagels are hard to come by in rural Michigan ;-).

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Hi Melleah, and welcome!  I am sure you will find a lot of interesting things here on The Loaf.  Among other things, there are several good bagel bakers here with lots of experience to share.  Right now I bet snowballs are not so scarce as good bagels eh?  Stay warm... Keep baking!


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Hello back at ya from Michigan's Capital.


Good bagels?!?! Try Zingerman's bagel! Just delicious!

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Welcome to TFL, Melleah!  Which side of the state are you on?   

I'm about 50 miles from Big Mac - in the snowbelt -  where we're downhill skiing and digging out from autumn snowstorms.   Can't wait to see what winter will bring...

About those bagels.  As a former NYC resident, I'm pretty particular about bagels and agree that authentic bagels are nearly impossible to find in Michigan   Except in my own kitchen. 

I've tried several recipes and think Jeffrey Hamelman's formula from Bread is the best one out there.  Just be sure to use high-gluten flour, not bread flour.  You can get the book through your local library.  Hope you give them a try!

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It's great to see a couple fellow Michiganders here! I do have to say that one great thing about baking in the winter is staying warm by the oven while the bread bakes ;-).

Lindy-we're on the sunset side, in the middle of the lower peninsula. We haven't had that much snow (but to me its a lot since this is my first MI winter having lived down south most of my life).  Thanks for the recommendation for the bagel recipe from Bread-- I just ordered 2 bags of high-gluten flour and barley malt syrup from King Arthur, so I'm ready to try out some new bagel recipes.

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and welcome to the community.

Happy New Year,