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knife problem?

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knife problem?

When I bake a dense, moist loaf, like this 80% rye from Hamelman's Bread, I find that I have difficulty cutting it. As the height of the cross-section increases, it seems like the friction of the knife blade causes the crumb to tear and roll into little scraps.


This is really a minor problem and almost not worth posting, but I was wondering if anyone else experiences the same thing. I use a Wustoff Classic 4150 bread knife, which has a nice, sturdy 1.5" serrated blade. Would it help to use a knife with less surface area? Does anyone have any suggestions? Preferably before December 24? :)


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If you haven't already, take your knife in to have it professionally re-sharpened. I sharpen my knives at home regularly but professionally about twice a year.

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I think that this problem can be reduced when the bread is cool enough, with not so much moisture. Also a fast movement of the blade with less pressure "down" can be help. Watch out your fingers !!!