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Challah - Peter Reinhart

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Challah - Peter Reinhart


I have just bought the Bread Baker`s Apprentice from Peter Reinhart.

the first formula i tried was the Challah bread.

In my opinion there are two problems :

1. The taste it too much "eggy".

2. lack of salt.....I think 1 teaspoon is not enough


what do you think ?

GSnyde's picture

If you say too eggy and not enough salt, then you are right...for your taste.  Nothing wrong with cutting the eggs down (and compensating with other liquid) and adding more salt next time you try it.

Or check some other challah recipes and see if the proportions look more to your taste.  There are several recipes right here on TFL.  Use the search box at left.

Happy baking.


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I have a great challah recipe using only 1 egg and 1 1/2 to 2 tsp. salt. It is fluffy and soft almost (but not quite) as rich as brioche. It only uses 1/4 cup oil! so it is still definitely bread not cake! Go to and search for the challah recipe. I am sure you'll love it.


Yuval35's picture

Thank you David,

You have great Blog, I am going to read it all....


BTW , I am from Israel too....

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This challah recipe has only one egg and uses 1/3 whole wheat flour.  The topping is optional but kids love it!

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Thanks fir the compliment on the blog. Please tell everyone about it. I want to spread the word that good bread can be made at home with regular ingredients! You can also see it on our Facebook page. Search for breadmantalking on Facebook.

I will try this recipe and tell you how it came out.

All the best,