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Hello, and a Excel that may help

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Hello, and a Excel that may help


My name is Zolotas Dimitris and I live in Greece. I'm baking bread for my family the last 5-6 years.

You have a great site and I've learned a lot from there. I have made for myself a Excel spreadsheet for helping me with the bread formulas, and i thing that it may be useful to someone here.

I can't find a way to post this file, is there any way to do this ?

(I have upload it to Rapidshare, for download anyway)

Thanks a lot !!!

Dimitris Zolotas


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Dcn Marty

Your bread calculator sounds great. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to get the file. Perhaps someone will tell you how to load it to the site (I've never done it, so can't help), then it will be available to all.  Again, thanks for going to the trouble.

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Hi, I had no problem getting the file.  I clicked on the link, it brought up the proper link, and I chose the download method.  Since I don't have a account with this company, I selected the slower download link.  I clicked on that link and was able to download the file.  Hope this helps.

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Yes the way is as described by KMIAA.

I can give help with any question regarding the spreadsheet of course.

I've placed some info to many cells describing what is.

Thanks for the interest.



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ronnie g

Thanks Dimitris.  This looks great!  I hope I will put it to good use.  Very generous of you.  Happy bread baking!


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I've write a few notes for the Bread calculator.xls spreadsheet for those who intend to use it. Of course any ideas or advice is very welcome.

!!! Remember to enter values only in GREEN cells !!!

Basically the spreadsheet works with percentages (%) and only the required dough weight and number of loafs are absolute numbers.

Negative values are shown with Red color as a warning.

- The rows 8, 9, 10 are for flours only! That's because in some recipes we use more than one flour type. So, in cells B8, B9, B10 we give the % of each flour over a total of 100%. At the same time we can check the cell A5 where the total % appears. This must not exceed 100%. The total weight of flours appears on cell B5.

(The same goes for the pre-fermenter, but usualy is not necessary, because we use only one of the flours, so we enter a 100% there.)

- The "Water" line is also a little bit different from the others, because the cell D11 takes his value from "Hydration %" (D5) cell. That's because I thought is easier to enter this value close with "Flour %" area.

- If we want to use some ingredient, only in pre-fermenter, but exclude it from the final "Adjusted Dough", enter this to "Pre Ferment %" column. Because the "Adjusted Dough" column is calculated by subtracting this value from the main recipe, the result is negative (red color). An example for this is when we use some starter to build our pre-fermenter, but we don't want this amount to be calculated with the rest.

- If we don't use any pre-fermenter or starter, we just enter zero in cell D5. That's enough to clear everything from Pre Ferment lists.

- Be careful about the percentages of Pre Fermenter because they refer to weight of flour used for the Pre Fermenter (E4) and not for the total flour weight (B5).

- The "Loafs" cell (C31) is used to divide our dough in smaller parts, so the term "Loaf" may be not correct if the "loaf" is only 50 grams! Just use it to divide the total dough into smaller parts.

Hope that may be helpfull to someone Have a nice day and baking !!! Dimitris
(The 4 elements for bread, earth (flour), water, air (CO2), fire)
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Hi again

I've put two helpers on spreadsheet.

The first is right next to flour rows, where you can give the flours by weight and the percentages % are calculated to enter them on the recipe. Use the green cells only.

The second is behind the recipe table, and I made it to help me when I want to calculate how much flour I need for a specific amount of starter. Just enter the values into green cells and get the results.

Hope it helps.


PS : I've updated the download link but here is again