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nutritional yeast in bread?

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nutritional yeast in bread?

Is it possible to add nutritional yeast in bread dough (and off course normal bread yeast) to add more nutrients to the bread?

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Try it!

If I'm not mistaken, it will add a flavor to your bread so make sure you like what it will do, flavor-wise. If you are adding a liquid form, you will have to compensate on the other liquid in the recipe and same for the dry form-tho I don't think you add that much.

Top it with some vegemite or marmite for an additional nutritional boost, though it is usually an acquired taste.

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Hi kamp,

I think Suas in "Advanced Breads and Pastry" discusses the use of de-activated yeasts in a bread improver formula.   It helps to reduce protein structure, bringing about dough extensibility.   So, great idea for nutrition, but I suspect there may be an impact on dough strength