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Artisan Bread Bakers Distribution

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Artisan Bread Bakers Distribution

Hello guys and girls,

    What city in the United States has the biggest artisan bread scene? Both artisan bread enthusiasts and amateur artisan bread bakers? I was thinking San Francisco, Boston, New Orleans, or New York.

Likewise, what city has the biggest bread scene in general, cookies, artisan breads, cobblers, etc.

 And where are you all from?

great loaves,


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3 Olives

I'd like to know which  city or town has the biggest artisan bread scene per capita. I know Asheville, NC has quite a few artisan bread makers and an annual artisan bread festival.

I'm from Charlotte, NC. We don't have a big artisan bread scene, but we do have Peter Reinhart.

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Good, thanks for the information.

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The Portland ME bread scene is not huge, but they have Big Sky Bakers near the harbor, and an Italian grocery also near the harbor that makes very good bread and pizza crust.

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I'd say that the San Francisco Bay Area probably has to be the biggest for artisan bakeries in general.  If you include San Francisco, Petaluma, Berkeley, Napa, Santa Cruz and other surrounding areas, it's tough to find any other single area with such a density of artisan foods in general.  But then again, when you include all those areas, it's probably a bigger are than some states...