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I know about search but is there an Index of recipes ? Thanks !

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Mini Oven

more fun looking for them...   Have you got one in particular you'd like to find?

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Just thought I was missing something and it would be handy

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There's not an index, since recipes get updated and played with all the time, and folks are always coming up with new and interesting twists, but some of the most commonly looked for ones do end up on the side bar

over on the left, down below....(scroll down a little)


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Hi, Dorota.

That side bar contains Floyd's recipes. Not to take a thing away from it (or him), but I don't believe that list represents "the most commonly looked for (recipes)."

Actually, if you have the capability of tracking user searches, a list of the most common search texts would be interesting and, possibly, useful.

Constructing a complete index of all the recipes on TFL would be a formidable task! 

I have my own list of favorites, as many members probably do, but the search function has its limitations. If we all used "recipe" as a keyword when we posted recipes in our TFL blogs it would make the searches for recipes yield fewer "false positives."


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The favorites box contains the first 30 or so significant recipes posted here, nearly all of them by me.  They were my way of saying "Hey, look!  I have recipes here" when there was very little content on the site.  The quantity and quality of the community content now far outstrips it.