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Hello From Upstate New York

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Bred Maverick

Hello From Upstate New York

Hello Fellow Bread Bakers,

I suppose you know you are hooked on bread when (1) you read bread cookbooks for pleasure; (2) you remember to refresh your sourdough before you remember to do laundry; (3) you give away as many breads as you keep; and (4) you love to hear what other bread bakers have to say as well.

Because I live in upstate New York, there's a long season when warming the kitchen and the house with my bread baking is most satisfying.  Yesterday I started a poolish with a tablespoon of my sourdough starter (instead of instant yeast) just to see what would happen.  After struggling with shaping the baguettes (one would think it would be so simple, but I think dough shaping does demonstrate  a lot of technique), I came across a posting in this website.  I made four batards. The sourdough gave the bread a wonderful lingering taste, like a good wine.  I called my neighbor to say I had some extra loaves. Within minutes, her little 5 year old was at my door. I laid a towel across her outstretched arms and placed 3 batards.  She touched one of them, and said, "Oooooh.  It's still warm." When she left, I watched her walk carefully around the snow patches, her treasure carefully cradled in her arms.


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That is such a heartwarming story!!! A warm welcome to you :)

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Welcome Diane - I'm located upstate near Woodstock, NY, what part of NY State are you from? Geat story, I can relate to the good baking weather...

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I am about 1 hour north of NYC.  Yo!

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Bred Maverick

Well compared to Oswego, where I live in Rochester NY has been pretty decent, snow-wise.  It just takes a few inches of snow to keep me indoors baking bread.

I'm tentatively making a three-stage detmolder rye bread right now.  I'll know by this evening if I have the best SD rye bread or hardened mush.

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Hello fellow upstaters, I am from Saranac originally..but live in San Diego..