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Hello and thanks from California, and delicious whole-grain spelt-wheat sourdough bread

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Hello and thanks from California, and delicious whole-grain spelt-wheat sourdough bread

Hi, everyone,

This is my first post, and I want to start by saying THANKS SO MUCH! to all the wonderful people on this web site for helping me to start baking great-tasting bread.  What drew my attention first of all were the many cheerful and sensible posts by Mini Oven; and I  soon found that I love rye bread.  So thank you, Mini Oven!

Lately I've been baking my version of a wonderful recipe posted a few years ago by Bill Wraith.  The original recipe is here, and I like to add 6 ounces of walnuts and omit the oil and part of the malt syrup.  It really is so delicious that I eat it plain, not as a sandwich. 

Whole Grain Sourdough Sandwich Bread



(For the one in my picture, I substituted a small amount of barley flour for some of the rye, but it didn't make any difference, so I won't do it again.)


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Hi, footsore.

Welcome to TFL!

Yummy-looking bread!


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Thanks, David. 

A couple of days ago I baked the 80% Rye with Hot Rye Soaker from Hamelman that you posted about, and I think it will be ready to be tasted tonight ... with homemade walnut butter.  Can't wait!


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Mini Oven

Rye isn't a very hard grain to love.  Great looking walnut bread you got there!  There is no rule that says we have to put stuff on our bread.  (There is a unspoken rule that the knife should lie not far from such a tasty loaf.) 

I got some spelt/dinkel berries begging me to be cooked up.  I'll put them to soak while I feed my starter.  Got a new rice washing bowl that works great for washing/soaking whole grains.  :)  Can't wait to find out what you think of the 80%!