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Spongy texture?

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Spongy texture?

I've had pretty good results with my baking ventures- I've made all kinds of breads since I got started a few months ago. However, I never seem to get the light, airy texture that bakery breads have. Mine always seems a little heavier, a little chewier, a little more moist. Is that the way it's supposed to turn out? Is there any way to improve the texture of my bread?

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Specifically, you'll need to provide some more details. 

What do you want to achieve?  Wonderbread?  Something else?

What are you doing now?  Details about a recipe and your process will make it a lot easier to diagnose what's going on and what to modify to get to your desired bread.

Once you share that kind of information and wait for the deluge of advice, you can also do some digging here.  Use the Search tool at the upper left hand corner of the page to search for specific topics.  Terms like "softer bread" or "Wonderbread" or "pan de mie" might get you started.  (Note that the quotation marks aren't required for the search to work properly.)

My gut response is that what you are experiencing is typical of home-baked breads.  You aren't putting in all of those multisyllable additives that the bread factories use.  There are some things that you can do with fats and other ingredients to affect dough texture but you probably aren't going to get to the marshmallow texture of a lot of commercially produced breads.