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Thanksgiving 2010 baking

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Thanksgiving 2010 baking

Thanksgiving day 2010

Rotisserie barbecued turkey (okay, so it's not bread)

Glenn (on the left) meets turkey (on the right). 

Day after Thanksgiving breakfast

San Joaquin Sourdough Baguette

Cinnamon rolls & Pecan rolls (made in muffin tins using NY Baker's Babka dough)

Cinnamon rolls, for kids who don't eat nuts

Pecan rolls, for the rest of us

Glenn makes challah

He's on a roll!

You should have seen the one that got away!

Here's the proof

Ready to bake


Challah c rumb

The challah made fantastic turkey sandwiches!

And, for dessert, the much anticipated Apple Crostada, inspired by trailrunner!

Apple Crostada!

Delicious! It had the flakiest, best tasting crust ever!

For better or worse, as I was enjoying a second slice while mentally reviewing the recipe, I realized a stick of butter actually is 8 tablespoons, not 4 tablespoons. That means I used 9 tablespoons of butter rather than the 5 T Caroline's recipe specified. No wonder the crust was so flakey!



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Oh, wait!!

I am here!

And it is yummy!


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Geez Glenn, with both you and David pushing all that great looking product through the oven , I'm surprised the turkey ...on the right was it ?..didn't get overlooked in the process. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun together and a good family holiday.



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The turkey is incredible.  Once a year, one needs to rotisserie a big marinated bird.

And all the sides (stuffing, baked yams and banana squash, cranberry sauce, cauliflower, and gravy) were awesome, too.  

Thanks, Franko.


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and the bread and turkey are pretty nice too ! I can tell you had a great time. Look forward to seeing the  crostada . c

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Great looking grub.  Happy Thankgiving, Snyders.

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I kept saying "yum" and "yum" and "yum" and .... on and on...when I was scrolling down your post, David. All looks fantastic and so much fun and varieties.

What a great feast!

Those pecan rolls look fantastic, will have to try it sometime.

Happy holiday indeed.


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Oh My god!

Big barbecue turkey! charming nut rolls! shining challah!profesional Baguette!
So luxury! This kingly Thanksgiving! (^.^)

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All Look great, Especially that baguette of yours!

Happy thanks giving to you all!


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but the crostada looks wonderful ! I use 5 Tbsp per batch with 1c - 1 1/3 c flour and I doubled mine so it was 10 Tbsp of if you used 9 Tbsp....were you doubling the dough ?  

No matter....make another LOL. Have to get it right...all in the name of accuracy you understand :) c

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It may have been an unintentional tweak, but it really worked.

I think one stick would have been enough [smileyface].

Thanks for the great recipe.


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What an absolutely perfect feast !!



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Oh my, that all looks really fabulous!

And you had fun making it - what a perfect way to spend a holiday!

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belfiore put a face on the D'oh boy~and all the food hand prepared by the Snyder Brothers looks amazing!

We had Italian Thanksgiving dinner (lasagna & roast beef) Thursday and today is traditional American with turkey.

My assignment on Thursday was bread & pie.

Palermo Italian bread

My dad, 96, has never passed up my apple pie, but when he found out I was making mom's bread he opted for a piece of the epi instead.

Boule crumb

Apple pie

We'll have the baguette's with today's meal. Today's pie will be pumpkin.

Looks like all of us will have to hit our choice of calorie burning exercise...but it can wait till Monday!




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I think I'd go for the epi, too. It looks perfect. (Nothing against any of the other bread, and assuming I also got some pie.)


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Now I am in "dishes Hell" but I can snack as I load the dishwasher (and load the dishwasher, and load the dishwasher).  Need a sign "Will do dishes for bread!"

Happy Thanksgiving, David 


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and the turkey reminds me of the one DH slaved over in the cold garage (no side wall and had to have the door open for the charcole bbq) one year, it was the best turkey, and so nicely roasted. My mother was dissapointed as it had no stuffing, but agreed that it was a darn site faster than roasting it in the oven with stuffing! We actually had dinner before 7 that year!

As you can tell, my timing is off on cooking food!

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I think you may have company next year!


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What a fun visit.  Your breads and sweet treats were exceptional, but I like your children and grandchildren even better (especially with a little cranberry sauce).

The challah seminar was a great experience.  I've never made a tag team bread before (David mixed, I kneaded, we both rolled the strands and we each braided one loaf).  Maggie Glezer's "My Challah" from A Blessing of Bread is a delicious recipe.  I'm going to bake another batch tomorrow, to make turkey sandwiches with the turkey thigh that's roasting now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and thanks for the comments.


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David - While the turkey was gorgeous, the crumb you achieved on the baguette is just stunning!  I don't think it gets any better - you've maxed out its cell structure without ending up with just holes.  Superb, just superb.


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I assure you everything was as delicious as it looks, as was everything not pictured. But the best part was having family here to share with.

I hope you all had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as we did!