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Blown out loaf

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Blown out loaf

Hi guys,

I just learned the term 'blow-out' and I believe that is what happened to me this evening.  I am hoping someone can look at these two pictures and tell me where I may have gone wrong.


Thanks in advance.




100% AP flour

58% water

17% peak sourdough starter (100% hydration)

2% sugar

1% salt



Hydration of final dough: 61%


Kneaded for 15-20 (by hand)


First Rise: 100%

Second Rise: 75%



Baked in glass at 375 for 35 minutes.


Blown out loaf 1



blown out loaf 2



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how did you shape the loaf before putting it in the pan?

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Rather carelessly actually!  I didn't give it much thought at all.  Right before the 'pushing down' phase, I made a "rectangular jellyfish" (think for a pizza) that approximately fit the shape of the pan.  I didn't do that for very long, really just long enough to look smooth.  Then I tried to spread it (poke it, really) as flat as I could.  I then let it rise for 1 hour, and then, into the oven.