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Success, I think

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Success, I think

I preheated at 500, put my bread in for 15 minutes, then lowered the temp to 450 for 350.  Temp read 200.  Yippee!  However, the crust is browner than I would have liked.  What say you all?


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How did they taste? Looks to me like you've got it down now...we like our bread nice and brown and crusty did the crumb come out?

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Tastes very good.  I don't like really crusty bread unless I'm dipping it in soup or a sauce.  I prefer a softer crust.  How do I get that?  I was thinking so as not let the crust not get too dark to put foil over it sometime during the baking.  What do you think?

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Thanks.  I think I'm going to try the foil first.  You do the same thing for pies so the crust doesn't get too brown.



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scott lynch

Would you consider turning the oven temp down to 450 right away rather than leaving it at 500 for 15 minutes?  I think it might help delay crust formation a bit and have a side benefit of giving a bit more oven spring.
And maybe you would try it with a temp below 450 to see what happens.  I find the difference between 450 and 425 to be pretty dramatic.

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Yeah, I heat my oven to the full 550, but I turn it down to 465 or so after less than 5 minutes. 15 minutes at 500 is probably too much.

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Your other option is to ship it to me. My family won't let me cook loaves that dark ;-(