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Jumping in feet first from Arkansas

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Jumping in feet first from Arkansas

Ok........  I have been lerking in the shadows for some time now, researching, testing and having the time of my life.... Baking.  One of the fondest times of my life was when I would get off the school bus from school, run to the front door, (trying to beat the rest of my brothers and sisters) and looking to the kitchen to see my mom, the mom of eight in the kitchen cooking and or baking.  She would be in there in full bakers garb, apron, hair up with either one of us boys underware or her head for a hair net, or a cloth diaper from days gone by.  Over the years, I have dabbled in baking and cooking, but now it has seemed to grow into a passion.  Don't know if this is good or bad.  Anyway, just wanted to say hi and have really enjoyed what I have seen on here, and hopefully will  learn and grow as I continue to learn, and experment.  Hope to get to know others on here, and to learn much.

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Greetz from Russellville, Living in the redioactive shadow of Arkansas 1