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Carl's Starter

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Carl's Starter

I have some unreconstituted Carl's starter saved in a jar for about a year. Is it still useable?

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From Carl's Starter Brochure (see the website)


Set aside at room temperature till it gets brittle - may be a few days. Break into small pieces and grind in a blender, coffee grinder or food processor. There you are! It will keep a long time. The yeast has sporulated and will stay that way for years. At one time it was used to "chink" the walls in log cabins and some of that stuff has been reactivated.

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bread basket

Hi, just found out about this starter and pulled up the broschure: Why do all the receipes use commercial yeast or even baking soda on top? They didn't have that on the trail.

I am sitting on the fence, not sure if I want to try to use a starter. I am very happy with my preferment baking (wich I learned from you TFLers). but it would be a new challenge! Read yesterday also about the yeast water....very enticing.

Thanks for all I have learned from this site and yes, I am addicted too: wake up at night trying to figure out this bakers %sh  thing..........but I love it!

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louie brown

I've been using Carl's starter, and recommending it to others, for fifteen years. It's an excellent starter that has adapted very well to my kitchen.


One year, I did grind some up and put it in a cabinet for a year. It started up just fine.