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Sourdough pasta proofing

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Tom Kershaw

Sourdough pasta proofing



I have a sourdough pasta dough made about 24 hours ago and stored in the fridge since. The dough which I improvised from a couple of online sources looks convincing but I'm unsure as to what proofing schedule I should follow.


400g strong Canadian white bread flour

100g 125% sourdough starter

1/4 cup olive oil

8 egg yolks.


Any advice?



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Other people on here may feel differently, but I would think in this case the inclusion of sourdough starter is purely for flavour in the pasta dough. I would mix the dough, allow it to rest and relax for 30 min and then roll/shape it. If you proof you will end up with gas in the dough... i'm not sure whether this is something you necessarily want in pasta dough?


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I've never heard of a risen or proofed pasta. I can see storing the dough in the refrigerator but I would definitely totally de-gas it before rolling it out.The reason you rest pasta dough is to allow the gluten to relax so you are not fighting it while getting it flat or into noodles.It's not a proofing-just a gluten relaxing time.

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I used only flour and water. After several attempts, I settled on a super-low 50% hydration. As I recall, I fermented it overnight during the springtime. The gluten gets weaker the longer you ferment. I dried my fettucini lying on sheets of newspaper, rather than by hanging on a rack. Flavor was nice. I've never tried it with eggs.