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OK, so I have this Babka dough sitting in the fridge (from ABED).  I'm planning on making a chocolate cinnamon Babka.  But Peter had to go and mention using Nutella in a Babka and I've got this brand new, Costco-sized jar of Nutella in the pantry.

So would it be sacrilege to use Nutella instead of making the chocolate according to the recipe?  I would still add cinnamon.  I was thinking of making the twisted babka, and I have an idea that this could get REALLY messy.  So I might chicken out.

What happens to Nutella in the oven?  Will it just melt and ooze all over?  Will I regret this?

I've never made Babka before (I'm not sure I've even eaten it before) but it sure sounds good.  I hope it comes out OK--there's a lot of eggs and butter invested in it.  


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Mini Oven

So I think you can put your fears away. 

Nutella, well it does have nut butter base in it which usually thickens it with heat. 

Try this ... spread some on a slice of toast and stick it into the microwave oven for 30 or so seconds and see what it does.  Take it out and see if it runs off.  I lay bets that it doesn't.  If it runs roll the nutella into crumbs or chopped nuts before twisting and panning.  How does that sound?

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I use Nutella as one of my hamentaschen fillings each year.  Bakes up fine.

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I decided it would take too much Nutella to cover the area.  I used chocolate chips instead.  

The babka's are baking right now, the smell is intoxicating.  Can't wait to try it!

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wayne on FLUKE

I have been thinking about making this since I got ABED. Please post how it turns out. Pics, too.

thanks -- wayne