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Today's Sourdough "Wild" whole wheat Baguette with extended Autolyse

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jim baugh

Today's Sourdough "Wild" whole wheat Baguette with extended Autolyse

Well, started a couple of Baugh Baguette's yesterday by mixing my wild starter and the flour and one cup of water.

Mixed, and then set aside for over four hours. Then back to the mixer and added a hit of yeast, sugar, and salt. Hand kneaded, folded, the dough was pretty wet.

Then set in fridge overnight.

Four hour rise in the oven with the light this morning. Then formed loafs and let rise again 2.5 hours. Then baked.

This for sure was one of the best tasting baguette's I have done.

I am using a wet mix, so I am never happy with the score that I do, but I am getting better, a little. It does work.

The flour I used was KAF * Whole wheat * Sir Lancealot high glueten, *KAF Bread Flour and some AP.

The recipe is on our JBO TV Cooking Blog. But you get the idea.

Extended Autolyse does help the structure and flavor a lot.ALl you have to do is prep the dough the day before. Overnight rise, then your good to go the next day.


Jim Baugh


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Dcn Marty

Just about the time I think I'm getting the hang of bread-baking, I see photographs of loaves like yours, and realize how much farther I have to go on my journey. Truly good looking bread. Congrats.

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jim baugh

Thanks a lot! The extended Autolyse did make a pretty big difference. My girlfriend picked up on it right away. She said it was lighter, more flavor, and had some nice air pockets. The flavor and structure was improved a lot. Most likley I will do this four-five hour autolyse from now on.

I did mess up on the baking of these two, I spiked the oven to 475 to cook the first few minutes and forgot to turn it back to 425 after the intial hit. So, they baked hotter at first than they should so I got a little more browning on some of the edges that I would like. But, still looked ok, and the flavor was off the charts.

Right now I am having some of it with a smoked chicken salad I made yesterday. WOW. Fun stuff.

Next I am going to try some braiding of this bread, the simple three braid. I am sure I will screw up about 20 loafs before I get the hang of that!! LOL

Have a great day!

Jim B