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Spam filters

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Spam filters

Every time I go back to a posting I wrote in order to edit or to respond to one, I am asked to put in a code at the buttom of the page, which I always do.  After I am done doing that, I get a message that says that I am a SPAM and that my message wont be allowed through. I can get myself off that black list?

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done. I go through introduction posts and try to catch when new folks joining are creating actual content to show they aren't just spam-bots, introduction posts with bread related content are especially helpful, but we've had a large surge of new users joining lately and I don't always catch folks right away. (As it is, I am often finding folks that have been active posters for over a year that somehow managed to escape getting marked so I am by no means catching everyone!)


lets try to limit new threads on this topic - this is at least the fourth new thread started on the CAPCHA theme this week. Folks can also contact me via private messages without filing up the board with these threads too