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When to take lid off no-knead bread?

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Mary Clare

When to take lid off no-knead bread?

Hello all,

I tried my first no-knead bread in a Calphalon Dutch oven.  This is truly EASY bread! I didn't want a large loaf, so I made it cut the recipe (King Arthur) by 25%, and I wondered.... how do you know when to take the lid off?  

I'm thinking that once the bread (any kind, not just "Dutch oven" bread) reaches full size, additional steam just toughens the crust.  Is this right?

The top of the bread has a 'shiny' look to it and didn't get very brown, even though the temp was over 205 F.  Perhaps the lid was left on too long?

The bread was delicious with some added cheddar cubes.  Too bad I forgot to put it on top of the fridge as it cooled, because the dog got over half of it!!!

Mary Clare

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Pedro Pan

When I bake the big loaf: 4 cups flour i do  30 minutes covered, 15 minutes, uncovered at 450 (per the original recipe).  When i cut the dough in half and make 2 smaller loaves: 20 minutes covered, 10 minutes uncovered.  If I'm not mistaken the "uncovered" portion mostly serves to brown the crust and allow the steam to dissipate so you get that golden brown crackly crust.

When I make no knead sourdough i usually extend the "uncovered" time to allow for the denser consistency of the natural leaven dough.


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I make the recipes on www.breadtopia  I bake mine covered for 25 minutes at 500 & uncovered 450 for 10 minutes roughly until my thermometer goes off I bake till bread reaches 200-2o5 degrees.