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My First Loaf YIPPIE!!

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My First Loaf YIPPIE!!

So here's my first loaf!! I am so excited it is beautiful to me.  We ate it up right after I took the photos.  That was 3 days ago.  I now have another loaf in the oven as I type this.  The house is smelling wonderful.  Why didn't I discover the simple joy of bread baking years ago??

This is a basic no-knead loaf baked in my white corningware bowl with lid.  The crust was absolutely beautiful and crunchy!! YUM

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Beautiful first loaf MandyBakesBread!  And, welcome to TheFreshLoaf too.  The crust looks great, and the crumb looks perfect.  You got a nice distribution of hole sizes, and it looks like you got that great gel shine in a lot of the holes.  Nice Job!


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Thank you!  Not sure what you mean about crumb, but I saw shine all over the place.  Not sure before but I guess that is a good thing.  I just know that it was YUMMY.  We had it plain, slathered in butter, then slathered with some Nutella.  The best bread I ever ate, LOL. 


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Great first go - welcome to the addiction of making your own bread!

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Cograts !!!!!!!!!!

I'll never forget my first loaf, 20 years ago, Country White Bread, I was so excited. I rushed to my parents (an hour away) with my hubby and loaves! I'll never forget the excitement of that day. My mom isn't with us anymore, two years this sunday but her expression and fawning over my bread was very memorable. (BTW I shouldn't say she isn't with me, she certainly is EVERY DAY in my kids laugh, my oldest's many ways) 

I have perfected that one recipe and now 3 children later (ages 19 college,16 and 14) later its the only one recipe they and hubby love... and they eat the two loaves in a day.

I discovered this incredible forum about a year ago. Last Christmas I got a viking stand mixer and several bread books (I saw recommended here).

I am sooo excited to begin new recipes; though I did promise my family every other time I'll still make the delectable but not as healthy, Country White Bread. I'd like to bake 4 times a week at least I hope anyway,

I love this forum, so many truly wonderful folks that just want to share their joys and positive is that in this crazy world we live in. And no one ever makes you feel silly or uneducated when you ask a matter how basic.

I'll look for more of your posts and ENJOY EVERY LITTLE CRUMB (interior of bread). BTW you'll find yourself learning new language 'bakers language' and wanting to impress your friends and family with it...not to brag, but just from sheer excitement. 

Wishing you God Speed and Many Wonderful Years of BREAD BAKING!

~ gardenchef

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  • That looks too beautiful to eat. I am amazed with no kneading.  I made my first loaf today after 25 years. Hope Old Wooden spoon is watching. I would never like to be in front of a camera but it was like the I Love Lucy Show in my kitchen today. If someone had taped the things going on in my kitchen I am sure I could have won enough money to pay for my equipment.

First and foremost I couldn't get the lid off of the Nutrimill Bowl without Hubby's help. Then we put some flour on the seal to help. I turned on the mill and must not have sealed it in position right as flour was flying out the side. Fixed that and proceeded to the next step ,yeast. I made some warm water and a little honey and added the yeast, it indeed started bubbling.

Next step fill the ingredients in order into the Bosch bowl. All is going well and when I looked at my yeast it was bubbling over the cup like champagne, so quickly added that. We are now at the stage of adding flour until it pulls away from the bowl. (a 4 loaf batch). Somewhere in the directions it said you could remove the outer rim and I did. Not sure what speed I was on, must have been higher than 2. I left to go to the sink and turnd around to see dough flying around my kitchen and landing where it wanted , no kidding. I slapped that rim on real quick. I can't possibly imagine doing 8 loaves at a time in this!

But this was my result, 2 large loaves over 2 lbs each and a pan of cinnamon rolls. I was going to send my beautiful picture and it is lost in Picasa 3 (I hate the new version,) So maybe next time.

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That is my absolute, all time, favorite "I Love Lucy" episode, followed closely by "The Pie Line"!   It sounds like you had a great time with this bake.  I'm sorry to hear you lost the pictures though.  It has been a long time since I have seen this bread.  If they ever turn up, post one.

Thanks for the memories!


ps:  I almost missed this completely due to where you posted it.  Give some thought to starting your own thread, or attaching to your original thread, when you have something like this to post.  It is easier for others to see, and it does not go "off topic" in the original poster's thread.  No harm, no foul here and I am only giving advice, not a chastising.  I would hate to have missed this though. OWS

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Very impressive, for the first loaf.

Enjoy your bread journey, with more tasty loaves to come!


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Thanks everyone for all the kind words and warm welcome.  Yesterday in addition to another loaf of no-knead, I made hamburger buns from a recipe I found on here!  I am totally hooked.  They turned out wonderfula and we had bacon cheeseburgers on lopsided homeade buns.  It was wonderful.  I never knew I would get so much pleasure and satisfaction from it. 

I've made simple beer bread for years (my recipe is awesome by the way), but this baking in a container and getting a crisp crust is awesome, and the kneaded buns.   I'm just excited now! 


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I'm also impressed with your success, and I'm sure by now You realize you can't go back to store bought bread, heavy laden with all those chemicals that I can't pronounce. Keep up the good work, and share your pics with us often.