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internet notifications

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internet notifications

 Hello, since I posted a question on a forum a few days ago i stopped getting  email notifications. I miss it because it is so useful to me who is trying to get a homebakery of the ground. Could I have done someting wrong  with the settings when i posted my message. Thank you albert

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When you click "My account", you'll see a bunch of tabs. Two of those tabs relate to emails: "Notification Settings" and "Subscriptions". When you click the "Subscriptions" tab you won't see much of anything  ...but there's a "Settings" hyperlink at the bottom of the page - click it and then you'll see quite a few things.

All these settings can be rather confusing (although some people do figure them out), and I'm not aware of any really good documentation. Some of them are related to each other in unobvious ways. Resetting them can be a chore, especially since a) many changes don't take effect right away but wait for some unspecified amount of time, and b) you may continue to receive emails for old threads even though you've turned off emails for new threads.

None of these settings ever change as a result of doing something else; in other words there's no way to change them by accident. But if you clicked on either of these tabs and explicitly changed anything, you might have made a mess.

On each thread there is a hyperlink called "Subscribe". You can use it to turn on or off emails for that thread. If you had been receiving emails, then clicked the "Subscribe" hyperlink in the thread and changed something, that could have stopped further emails. Just go back to the thread, click the "Subscribe" hyperlink again, and set it the other way.