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looking for an artisan bakery anywhere from Chicago IL to Madison WI

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looking for an artisan bakery anywhere from Chicago IL to Madison WI


I'm staying in Chicago for a few days then travel to Madison WI for a couple of days and would like to visit any artisan bakery on the road.

Do you know of such bakeries?



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Check out heavenly hearth in wilmette and also try the "velvet ciabatta" at red hen bakery. No one else will have what you are looking for. WAIT!!! Actually, theres a gigantic artisan bakery in that area. It's called Labriola and they only sell their bread to certain markets in chicago. Check out labriolabaking,com and also



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I also see you are from Tel Aviv. There is a bakery named Tel Aviv in Chicago on Milwaukee I believe. I can't remember, but their bread was not memorable.

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try floriole in chicago. it's near the depaul campus, and is fairly new. i can't recall if they do breads, but they certainly do pastry. there's also pasticceria natalina in andersonville -- some of their sweets are extraordinary (and priced accordingly). red hen is also good, i believe they are on diversey.

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Thanks a lot

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Challah Back

If it's not too late, try the Madison Sourdough Co. at 916 Williamson Street in Madison. 

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Generally Chicago is a horrible place for bread, the city is American Fare 99% hotdogs, hamburgers, chain "artisan" pillow bread. St. Louis actually has more and better bakeries than Chicago. There is a Bakery in Downtown Evanston, IL called Bennison's but they they only have ciabatta from 2pm-4pm or so, you have to call before hand. It's tricky.

The rest of the stuff there are sweets.



1000 Davis St.

Evanston, IL

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I read about an artisan bakery in a small town outside of Madison.  I don't recall the name, or the town, but ... they sell at the Madison Farmer's Market which goes on year round.  So, if you're in Madison on Saturday (it's indoors) you should check it out.  Sorry I don't have much information but maybe it will help.  By the way, I read about it in the New York Times Magazine.

Good luck.