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Cheapest way to buy yeast?

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Cheapest way to buy yeast?

I've been baking lots of bread lately, and have gone through a LOT of yeast (using Fleischmann's Instant Yeast).  It's about $8 for the large jar.  What's a cheaper way buy yeast?  (And yes, I do have a sourdough starter - but I like to bake non-sourdough loaves, too). 


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Buy 1-lb bag of yeast at costco or Sam's. And store it in freezer (better to split it into small amounts)

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I bought a 1 lb. bag of SAF active dry yeast oh, about 8 months ago or so and was using it a good bit.  I've taken some time off and I'm interested in getting back into my bread baking but I'm unsure if the yeast would keep this long in the fridge.

How long should it last in the refrigerator??


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Yeah, Costco, Sam's Club, Winco, Food 4 Less, whichever monster store you have in your area ought to have something cheaper.

I got a pound of Saf Yeast at Winco here for about 3 bucks.

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Just a note on SAF yeast. Despite the well-designed French-style packaging, all the SAF yeasts (they have several brands) I have found in the United States are manufactured in Mexico. I have nothing against Mexican yeast (we drink plenty of beer brewed in Mexico) but I do think their packaging is a bit deceptive.



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I also noticed that the package I finally found was from Mexico. Quality..anyone?

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I bought a pound of Saf Yeast back in May for $2.50. I've kept it in a glass jar in the fridge. I baked with it today and it is still peppy as can be. So no complaints here.

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If you've got one nearby, you may also want to check out your local food co-op or natural food store.  That's where I buy my SAF yeast for under $3/lb. 

Like you, I like to have both my levain as well as instant yeast on hand.


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Drifty Baker

I have been getting my instant yeast from Sam's Club for a couple of years now.  It does come from Mexico.  I keep it in the fridge once I open the bag.  I have not had any problems with it.  In fact I have even used it right out of the fridge without letting it warm to room temperature and other than taking longer for the first rise it has worked great.


This is the same yeast that I used when I made buns for schlotzsky's Deli.

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I have a home vacuum sealer I take out the amount I want to use and place it into a mason jar with a rubber gasket and keep it in the refrigerator, the rest I vacuum seal and store in the freezer.

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I buy SAF instant and have never had any problem with it.  I buy it in one-pound bags from Smart and Final (I don't know how widespread this store is, but it is like a Costco-light sort of place).  I think it is under $3 for the bag.  Costco has only active dry yeast here.  I keep some in the fridge and freeze the rest in a mason jar.  I have never had trouble with it even as it gets months old.



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I didn't mention that I'm in Canada - but I'll try Costco and other sources.


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I know this may sound odd, but have you ever looked into local auctions.  Here in Upstate New York we have an auctioneer who does auctions for closed store's, bakery's and such.  At the last one my friend was able to purchase (and share with me) Over a dozen 50lb. bags of Artisan Flour, a half dozen 1 pound bags of Fleischmans Instant Yeast, 40lbs. of brown sugar, a couple 50lb. bags of white cake mix, misc. 50lb. bags of muffin mixes, and such, and a dozen or so boxes of baking soda, and baking powders. This was from a bakery that had closed.  My friend paid 12 dollars for everything.  If any of you are in New York check out the auctioneers site. 

Again it may sound kinda odd but I love getting great deals on good materials.

Have a nice day folks,


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I also buy my instant yeast at Sams Club, two 1 lb packages are sold together for about $5.  After opening the package I store the rest in a 16 oz jar that formerly held matzo ball soup.  I've had a jar of yeast last for over a year in the freezer before.


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Both SAF and Red Star are from the same company.  Very high quality, professional company.

Corporate website is

For technical information click on their commerial website.

I really like and use their products.


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I was buying 2 1lb vacuum packs for about 5 bucks.

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Postal Grunt

The local CostCos have Red Star(SAF) active dry yeast in 2# vacuum pack bags for $3.69. I keep mine in the freezer in a Rubbermaid container. It keeps on working.

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Here in England I pay 15p per ounce from my local neighbourhood bakery - then divide it into 10g portions and freeze them. No waste and it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to defrost the yeast. And it works every time


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I buy mine at Costco and put some in an old dark brown yeast jar in the cupboard.  I leave the rest in its original foil container in the cupboard folded over well and closed with a clothespin.  It keeps just fine. 

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I have had great luck with SAF  10 times nmore ++++ for the same money in the super markets.

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Is there a restaurant supply business near you? There's one about 40 miles from whre I live. They are providers for many local commercial food businesses and it's where a restaurant would order, say, a 50# block of butter. I buy 2# pkgs of ADY for about $6.00. I did the math once and though I have no memory of what I came up with, the regular store bought jars of 8 oz or whatever are something like 36 times the cost. Trust me, it's worth the 40 mile drive.