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Bread Storage

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Bread Storage

I am using aluminum foil to wrap my new loafes in. Is there a better method? Is there something that is a little greener since I throw out the foil if the bread molds at all.

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We use fairly heavy cotton kitchen towels to wrap them in. There might be others that work fine, but we use Williams Sonoma towels. The are heavier than a tea towel and quite generously sized so it can wrap anything. Bread rarely lasts us more than 3 dya and it stays fresh in that time and the crust stays crisp.

Alternatively, there are specialty bags which are cotton on the outside and a thick food grade plastic on the inside and the close to fit with Velcro. I got those from sur la table.

Or finally, you can smaller loaves in freezer, gallon size suppose and those can be washed
and reused.

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I tried zip locks but they keep too much moisture. My pretzels yesterday come out wierd after a few hours in the bag and the inside was soaked.

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I too have recently switched to cloth. I stand the loaf on the cut side ( on a plate, so I can put it on top of the fridge), and just cover it with a dense cotton cloth. It seems to keep quite well that way; the crust stays crisp, the crumb stays fresh.

I was using plastic lined breathable paper bags that I bought some time ago from King Arthur, but the crust didn't really stay crisp with those.

On the rare occasion that I do a soft enriched bread, I put in a resealable plastic container. Think Rubbermaid. 

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I use the Debbie Meyers Bread bags.  I can't believe how good they are as well as you can reuse them up to 10 times.   They keep bread fresh for days.