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Peter Reinhart's WW Hearth bread

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Peter Reinhart's WW Hearth bread

This is another bake from "Whole grain breads" of P.Reinhart. It is Whole Wheat Hearth bread.

It is 100% WholeWheat.  70% of WW flour was from a sack of Indian Chakki atta (stone ground flour). I suppose Chakki atta is 96% extraction. Remaining flour was milled from red winter italian wheat, sifted. Therefore, i suppose that this is not entirely 100% ww, but close.

I used 1.5tsp veg. oil instead of butter, and 1.5tsp honey. The crust was chewy, and the crumb was somewhat moist but not dense. THe bread had a sweet wheaty aroma, and the taste was superb. It was indeed one of my best WW breads i have made.

I will definitely make this bread again.



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And yes, they look like they would well be worth making again.


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Nice looking loaves. Sounds healthily yummy!


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Very nice photo and explanation of the flour you use. I buy my Durum flour at an Indian grocery. It is Durum Atta...a perfect semolina flour. Makes great pasta. c


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It's inspiring to see your work because I am learning to bake with whole wheat.

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Isn't that such a good book? One of my first loaves I baked was the whole wheat hearth bread, and I wish it turned out that well on the first attempt! Haha!

Great job Khalid, glad to see your keeping with the whole grain loaves. It's always wonderful to see what you bake.

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Frequent Flyer

And terrific loaves Khalid.


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Thanks Paul... you were and are such a help to me and all TFL members.

Thank you Sue! Not also healthy but very very soft tasty whlole wheat.

Thank you Caroline! iam not sure my flour is durum. Or it may be?

Thanks, Crider! Keep reading, keep baking.. you'll eventually get there.

Thanks Arlo for the encouragement! yes, this book makes ww baking much simpler. I am glad i bought the book.

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Such delicious looking loaves of whole wheat. I haven't baked a thing out of that book but after seeing your loaves I'm going to make them my next bake.

Thanks for the inspiration.


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Thanks you Daisy! Iam glad iam inspiring you.. I love whole wheat!

Thank you weaverhouse! Do bake out of this book.

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Thank you David! thanks for the encouragement all along.

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Hi, Joe! Thanks for the compliment!

As you mentioned, i did use Instant yeast, and i like it that way for many reasons:

The Recipes in WGB call for Instant yeast because they retain or enhance the sweetness of Wholegrain breads without adding sour or lactic acid to the mix.

They are faster to bake, easier to prepare , and make Wholegrain baking so reliable.

They eliminate the "Worrisome" part of having to babysit a starter.

So, if you chose the SD route, you'll have great tasting WG bread, just not as tasty as the recipe intended it to be.