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hey guys! amsterdam calling here :-)

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hey guys! amsterdam calling here :-)

Hey fellow Loaf-lovers!


Just a quick introduction: I'm a Dutch novice in breadbaking. About a week ago I made my first French loaf. The kitchen has been a total mess eversince; knee-deep in flours, yeasts and a wide variety of home grown sourdough-starter I can't seem to stop baking anymore....

This morning I took my first sourdough out of the oven and realized that I am really hooked on this...

easy sourdough 123


I didn't expect too much from my first attempt at sourdough bread, but lo and behold; it worked! It's a great "looker" and by Jove; it tastes great as well!

It's a sourdough variation on the easy no knead recipe from Sullivan's in NYC. On Youtube there's a somewhat bizarre artsy fartsy "Tracy Emin-video" showing the entire recipe

My respect for bakers has been on the rise - just like my dough - and hopefully all you guys and gals here are willing to help me develop into a fullfledged amateur-baker :-)


Love to hear from all of you,



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Gorgeous loaf!

I'm sure you are going to love it here, I know I do. It's incredible how generously everyone shares knowledge and information, I wouldn't know where to find anything like it in our country.

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midwest baker

Beautiful Loaf! It's a peice of art. Consider yourself a baker.

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Thanks for the compliment! Let's hope it's not baker's beginners luck ;-) Next up is a blueberry cream cheese braid....