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hot lemon lava desserts

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hot lemon lava desserts

has anyone heard of the hot lemon lava  individual cake dessserts served at the Sweet Tomato restaurant chain?  many people on the internet are looking for a recipe to make from scratch at home but if you check many recipe sites they all talk about lemon pudding cake etc. which is not the same.

this recipe, from the descriptions i read, is like a chocolate molten cake baked in ramekins but from probably a sponge/lemon cake with molten lemon filling.

according to comments i read it is to-die-for  . so is anyone up for the challenge?

can't wait for the reply. thanks

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The Chocolate Lava cake is similar to an old "Chocolate Pudding Cake" that also came in a Lemon variation like this:

And this is a nice video on making it:

Is this similar to what you are talking about? It was prob made in individual ramekins at the restaurant.

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the difference between a lemon pudding cake and the  "sponge/lemon cake with molten lemon filling" you are seeking?  

Maybe that will help clarify it. 

I am a chocolate lava cake fanatic (love Trader Joe's version).  Now I'm craving a lemon one.  Thanks a lot!  ;o)

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i believe the difference between the lemon sponge cake and the molten cake is that the cake sits in a puddle of lemon sauce whereas the lemon molten cakes are individual ramekins with cake top and bottom and the lemon lava is enclosed and does not leak out until you break into the cake. you can serve them individually on a plate  just like the molten chocolate cakes  and  the outside is totally dry.. 

sooooo, if anyone does have something like this or experimented with something similar i would love to hear about it.

thanks to all for responding

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Could this be the individual sized version of Sussex Pond Pudding?

This is a whole lemon with butter and sugar steamed in a suet pastry crust - an old English pudding. When turned out of the bowl it looks like a cake but the innards are a hot lemon caramelised sauce -lava?

There is a recipe on Delia Online.