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How do you use brioche dough?Favorite shape? Filling?

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How do you use brioche dough?Favorite shape? Filling?

I just tried Floym's Lazy  Man's Brioche and I was impressed. It was a very easy to make ,beautifully silky dough. I imitated his idea and used chocolate in some but then decided to try a few different fillings. I made an almond orange filling in a few,peach jam and plain. The chocolate and almond/orange were delicious warm!

This did get me thinking as to how versatile this dough is. I always thought it was a sweet dough but it's actually a rich dough that could be either sweet or savory. So now I'm wondering how people use this dough.

What is your favorite filling or shape for brioche dough? Sweet? Tart? Meat? Spices? Big shape? Little shape? Unique? Links and Pictures!

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Glad to hear the Lazy Man's Brioche worked out for you!

I made another batch with chocolate in them this weekend and they worked out well.  While making them I pondered adapting them in a way similar to what Beth Hensberger recommends in her Bread Bible and adding some pumpkin (we were baking pumpkin pies at the same time).  That sounds really tasty, as did my next idea of trying pumpkin brioche with a sweet cream cheesy vanilla filling.  But I haven't tried it yet, so I can't guarantee it'll work out.

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Mini Oven

which if you're missing an oven (hard to believe on this forum but it does happen) the risen buns can be fried in oil rolling them over to brown evenly.  Always better to put the top side down and an inch of oil/lard (not too hot) is deep enough.  Allow to drip on paper toweling. :)