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I want to make something different...

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I want to make something different...

I want to make something different today but don't have a lot of creativity in me at the moment (or a scale to measure with).  I'm waiting for my starter to mature to make sourdough so it's no go there.

Here's what I have to use:

Bread Flour
WW Flour  - about 1 1/2 cups left
Active Dry Yeast - 3 tsp left
Ground Flax Seeds
Baking Powder
Baking Soda
Rolled Oats
Milk/Water/Olive Oil

Any suggestions?  I plan to use whatever I bake today for my daughters lunches this week so anything I can use for a sandwich would be ideal (doesn't have to be a sandwich loaf though).  She enjoys all kinds of bread and is open to new flavors.

Throw me a curveball if you can!

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Well, okay, they may not be bread, but you really have to try these sometime.  Sorry, but you'll have to google your own recipe as there are many variations.

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I googled it and they look tasty and filling.  What is the texture?  They look like a cracker to me.

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these can be made savory or sweet.  the consistency can be "cookie-like", but to me it's more like shortbread.

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midwest baker

Make a standard oatmeal bread recipe like this one:

Makes great sandwiches.


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Fast, fun, forgiving, flexible flatbread!  Thick, thin, whatever.  A great change of pace and you don't even need to use the oven.

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I ended up going with Russian Potato Bread and forgoing the caraway seeds (didn't have any) in favor of dill.  Since my book lists ingredients by weight and I don't have a scale I found an online conversion calculator and left it as measuring water instead of changing it for each individual ingredient.  Oops.  I didn't realize until it was rising for the first time so I ended up adding more flour after the first rise so it could become a dough-like consistency.

Hopefully it turns out edible.

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Mini Oven

but you beat me to it.  I was just going to ask if you had some root vegetables.  Another variation might be to lightly boil a carrot with the potato and grate half a cup into the dough for some orange flecks in the crumb.  Next time...  

Ideas: toasting the oak flakes before adding will add a nutty taste.   I've got some lovely swiss chard leaves that would look interesting cut into confetti and thrown into dough.  The dough could even be spread out sprinkled lightly with vegies and a little grated cheese rolled up to add a swirl in the loaf/ sandwich cut slice.  Or grated nuts, or the roasted oats flakes.

We're eating green persimmons at the moment.  They have the texture of dry apples or quava, they might also be interesting grated and put into an oat loaf.  I think I just gave myself an idea... 


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well, you didn't mention potatoes as an ingredient.  lol.  Do you have any parsnips?

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No parsnips, haven't seen any in the grocery stores yet.