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Old bread soakers in recipes which don't call for them

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Old bread soakers in recipes which don't call for them

Quick question:

If I would like to use an old bread soaker in a recipe that does not call for it, is it a simple 1:1 substitution of soaker amount for the flower and water amounts called for in the recipe? In other words, if the bread, dry, is 120g and the water amount is 200g, can I add 120g of flower and 200g less water than is called for? Or is there more complexity afoot?

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Mini Oven

but it will eventually soften and bind to new gel in the loaf with the heat from the oven.  Sounds good your substitution.   Old bread should be thought of as a non-gluten flour.  I wouldn't include more than (dry) one third of the total flour weight.  If non-gluten flours are in the recipe, they could be substituted.  It will add more baking time so prepare to add on 10+ minutes. 

Reduce the salt because the old bread is already salted. 

Salt would be between 1.6 to 2% of the unsalted flour weight including the starter.

Good luck!  .)

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Hi Chyatt.  Welcome to TFL.

Since you're interested in using old bread, you might find Susan's (of Wild Yeast) approach interesting.

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Thanks for the help! Yes, I actually just made Susan's old bread crumb sourdough, which inspired the question.