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Baking Baking,,,,

Today, I made several bread using TFLers fomula. All of them are delicious.

First, I made mutigrain (100% whole wheat flour used) using Franko's formula.  I decreased the water amount down to 9% compare to the original one.  I have make his original one at the first time  that was a failure that the crumb was really tight.  The flavor was great but the texture was dry. I was kneading too much...    Anyway I will challenge the original one when I get spelt flour because it is a great recipe!

I used a  half of oats and a half of wild rice for the soaker this time. I also added 5% sugar ( 10g molasses and 15g honey)  While I was baking this bread, I smelled nice aroma all over my kitchen. It was a quite  gift for me.    But I have a question.  What do you think about this crumb?  I am a very new to use 100% whole wheat or other grain flour.  

On second,  I made David's San Joaquin Sourdough, and  I made it shape into dragon tails that David posted how to make.    I understand why many TFLERS make this baguette. It is really good! 

It was difficult to get rid of excess flour on the surface so that I couldn't attach the tails onto the dough nicely. Should I brush off the flour using a brush?  

On third, Wally's rye bread. I posted my result on his blog already. I should not slice it until the day after tomorrow although I had a little concern about this bread...  In fact, I left this dough outside for 4 hours before baking ( the temperature was 70F or so) because I had to go out.( I didn't mention this story on his blog.)  Fortunately, the dough was not active enough from beginning. I shaped the dough in one hour although the dough was not risen enough.  I don't know why I did that though,  it was good in the end because the dough was still keeping the height when I came home. It may be overproofed... But The taste was awesome.    I was so happy to see the crumb and the taste so I wrapped this with linen and covered it with plastic bag until I eat it.

In the end, I made Floyd's Lasy broiche. I also posted it to his blog too.

My brioche must be dryer than his because the little kids was having so much fun to knead and shape too much so that the crumb was little dry.  I don't care about this at all. I just enjoyed to make this nice and easy brioche with the kids.


Thank you everybody!!





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Looks like a very busy day baking, and a very busy night eating...


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Hello, allan

Yes, It was a quit busy day, too busy ...  As Khalid mentioned below, I better forcus on a few bread a day.    We usually eat those bread next day after I bake, or sharing some of bread with my friends and neighbors.

Thank you for your comment, allan! 


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Very nicely done, everything you baked!  I would sure love a bite of the chocolate Lazy Mans Brioche bun...It looks so delicious as does everything! 

Your energy and enthusiasm for bread baking is amazing...well done!


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Hi, Sylvia

I am too excited to see the results of using your new steaming method honestly!! LOL

I appreciate your  support, Sylvia!


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It all looks good!  I'm glad to hear your kids enjoyed making the brioche!

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Hello, Floyd

Thank you for your reply that very mean to me.  I really thank you for all  of your hard work.

Next time, we try to not to knead too much by hand so that we can get nice moist crumb like yours.

Best wishes,


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Regarding your dragon tail question: I form the baguettes without any flour on the board. As I am sure you found, the dough can be a bit sticky. I dust my hands with flour. If the dough sticks to the board, I use my bench knife to free it - no flour.

The baguettes are proofed on a raw linen couche. Again, no added flour. 

The pointy ends of the dragon tail segments are pressed against a cut surface of the baguette dough. They stick well for me. However, they release and straighten up with oven spring. 

I hope this helps. In any case, your dragon tail looks very nice, and the crumb is wonderful. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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Wow, That is what I really want to do for baguette baking. " NO FLOUR"  It surely  is a big help, David.  I will use the technique when I made more baguettes!

Thank you so much, David!!


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Well done, Akiko! you sure are an energetic mom! Remember something, though, that focusing on one or two breads until you perfect them is wiser than seeking variety.

Anyway, good job, on all breads!

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Hi, Khalid

You pointed it out what I was thinking!  And RobynNZ who is my big supporter  have told me before.   You are abolutely right!   I will focus on a few bread from now on!!!  

I appreciate your reply always!!  and Thank you for telling me about it honestly that I respect!!!



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Hi Akiko,

Breads look great! Good too to see how you are bringing all the knowledge you gathered over 5 months or more of perfecting baguettes to making a dragon's tail with the San Joaquin dough - looks gorgeous!

I can see that you are moving on with your sourdough practice (after practising a lot on the formulae for white bread), to take on other grains. Your last version of Larry's rye loaf looks great! I am enjoying making 100% rye too at the moment - such great flavour! One is scented with coriander, the other has sunflower seeds in.

You ask about the wheat. Wheat has a closer textured crumb but can be opened out also. Khalid and Hans JoakiM's blogs have some great example of open crumbed wheat loaves - I'm sure you've seen them. A soaker should help. This will come with time. However the loaves, including the spelt loaves are looking good already - such gorgeous crust and shaping!

Wishing you continued happy baking! Kind regards, Daisy_A

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Thank you for all your lovely comment, Daisy!!   Shaping the dough into dragon tails was really fun!  I will try it again :)

I am glad to hear that you enjoy baking 100% rye!!   I am totally into rye bread!!  Oh yes, Did you see this new recipe? I think that you already checked it already. I want to make this bread tomorrow. They look very good in deed!

About the wheat:  Thank you for your help!  I have been following their blog and it has been very useful more than reading books that I can't find the things I want to know.



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You certainly have been busy, and with some excellent results. I'm glad you stuck with the rye. Overmixing with high percentage ryes will cause their ruin, though sometimes it's difficult to know when enough is enough. I've taken to using only speed 1 and going for about 10 minutes and this seems to work.

Great job with this and the other breads in your bakes!



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Hi, Larry

I am glad to know about the rye that I never had such great bread. 

 I ate one slice of your bread now. WOW, It is amazing! I can taste more flavor compare to yesterday I tasted. That is truly great bread, Larry.  I will make it again!  

And Thank you for your compliment!! 


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Hi Akiko,

I couldn't agree more with what everyone else has said. It all looks just terrific! Your dragon tail baquette is awesome with a great crumb and shape. Molding baquettes can be tricky but you did a great job on yours. Way to go!


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Hi, Franko!

Your compliment gave me a big smile! Thank you, Franko.  Making baguettes are really fun for me even though I am a failure sometimes.  I can learn by my mistakes but not to make the same one over and over again. I have taken memos about every bread I make including the room temerature and the outside's , humidity etc... Mini oven told me about this.   Now, I want make a good sourdough like Glenn's!  I will keep it up!!

Thank you, Franko!!