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Sour dough pancakes

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Carl Bergensis

Sour dough pancakes

The recipes I find on internet are more like poolish pancakes.

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Hi Carl,

Why not try the TFL search bar?  You'll find loads of links to the various sourdough pancake recipes noted by TFL members and may even come across one you like!

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Carl Bergensis

Thanks, but can anybody answer my question?

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Hi Carl, I didn't really see that as a question, but as LindyD says, check out the search area. If you type in AnnieT's sourdough pancakes you will find my recipe and lots of interesting comments and hints - which may help you in your quest, A.

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Of the recipes you reference, what about them triggered your curiosity?  Was it that they have a batter-like consistency, similar to a poolish?  Was it that they use yeast (wild, not commercially produced, in this case) for leavening, not chemical leavenings (baking soda, baking powder, etc.)?  Something else?

I agree with your assessment, insofar as the two have strong similarities in content and consistency.  The main differentiator would seem to be purpose: poolish is a pre-ferment that is later incorporated in a bread dough that is eventually baked; pancake batter typically receives no further processing, except to be cooked on a griddle.  There is usually some divergence in ingredients, too, in that pancake batter often contains eggs, fats, dairy or sweetners, which are not typically part of a poolish.  Even sourdough pancake recipes often call for the addition of baking powder prior to cooking.