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Six Strand Braided Sourdough Challah

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louie brown

Six Strand Braided Sourdough Challah

Not happy with the commercially yeasted version I had been making for the holidays, I decided to try this one. It is just excellent. The crumb is creamy, with just enough tooth. The taste is rich, with that wonderful underlayer of complex sourdough flavor, not at all sour in this case.


I was inspired and guided by zolablue's post on the subject, as well as Maggie Glezer's video. Thanks so much to both.





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Beautiful braiding and crumb, everything!


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Good bake, and nice photos.


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One day, ONE DAY, I'll get there. You make my pumpkin bread I made today look like a hot mess. I did a knot, well... only TWO of six look halfway presentable.

I bow to you masters!

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It looks wonderful.  I want to try it someday...  Thank you for sharing!!


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That's a lovely braid and a lovely bread.


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louie brown

The braid is really just a matter of some practice. (watch the Glezer video linked by zolablue.) More important, this is a great formula that yields a delicious bread. This was one of very few places in my bread baking where I used commercial yeast. I don't see the reason to do that any more. This loaf is everything I want in a challah.