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What Should I call this bread?

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What Should I call this bread?

Maybe I spend too much time thinking about bread names, but for me it's part of the fun.  I'm experimenting today.  I'm trying to replicate Acme's Pain de Campagne.  I don't have the formula (I'd love to know what flours they use), but I've enjoyed it many times and I've baked a few breads of the same general type.  Here's the formula I'm using:

 Final Dough (66% hydration, including levain)

680 grams   KAF European-Style Artisan Bread flour (88%)

45 grams  Whole wheat flour (6%)

45 grams   Whole rye flour (6%)

425 grams   Water (55%)

17 grams   Salt (2%)

306     Liquid levain  (40%)

I'm using Hamelman's Vermont Sourdough technique (autolyse, 2 1/2 hours primary ferment, 2 1/2 hours proofing).

I could just call it Pain de Campagne or Pain au Levain.  Maybe Pain de l'Arse?

Or, I could give it a geographic name like San Francisco Sourdough (oops...that one's taken).  San Francisco Country Sourdough sounds a bit strange.

Any suggestions?





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 San Francisco speaks of fog:

 Brumeux de jour de Pain

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Hi Glen,

Should we try to get a few facts about our formula in our bread names

for example you use 3 flours, main flour at 88%, hydration 66%

So how about "Three flour 88/66"

Another question, in your formula the percentages do not include the flour & water in the levin. I have seen this done both ways, what is the normal way to quote Bakers % ?.

Bill Parker


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I've seen lots of sourdough formulas show both the final dough percentages and the composite percentages (with levain).  In the formula I used the levain is a large percentage of the final dough and accounts for a lot of the water, so I calculated the total hydration.

As to the name, at the moment I'm calling it "World Series Sourdough".

See my new blog post for the details (



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As to the name, at the moment I'm calling it "World Series Sourdough".
You're too late. I'm using that name for my latest creation; Texas did clinch before SF. Hah! :)  C'mon Wednesday!

You could call yours SD40 or Formula 409. Oh, wait; those might trigger cease and desist letters.


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Brot Backer

Too bad SF will destroy texas, that's just science.

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The jump from "Pain de Campagne or Pain au Levain" to "Wold Series Sourdough" is big leap and if there's a connection or common theme there I've missed it.  If it's baseball you're focused on for a name, why not try "7th Inning Stretch Sourdough" (assuming you use the S&F method for kneading)

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Frequent Flyer

..Preparation A, Preparation B..and so on.  I'll probably skip the letter H to maintain the highest level of decency.  Oh well, on second thought, I'll just abandon the whole concept.  :)

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It keeps the country bread theme but shifts the nomenclature from French to Spanish.