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High education for future bakers

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High education for future bakers

It might sound like a weird question, but honestly don't know where else to write. The thing is I am learning to bake bread for a year now and think I want to become a professional baker. And I am also seeking for all the possible opportunities to study abroad (I am from Russia).

The question is

are there any colleges/universities, international students-friendly, giving baking classes?

It might also be in Germany/Austria, since I know german pretty good.

Candango's picture

Молодая девушка.  Поздравляю вас.  It is obvious that you have at least three languages (Russian, English and German), and perhaps another regional language from the former USSR.  Congratulations, and welcome to TFL.

I understand the desire to study abroad, but if you are still currently in Russia, would it not be less expensive to take your initial studies there?  I am thinking that the type of training you are seeking, such as a professional baking school, might be quite expensive in the West, as opposed to Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kiev, no?

I will let others chime in with suggestions as to schools, as wish you all the best.  Candango.

CanuckJim's picture

There is a bunch: San Francisco Baking Institute, New York School for the Culinary Arts, Cordon Bleu Boulangerie (very old school), King Arthur Flour Professional.  All are expensive, time consuming, with large classes.  There are others, smaller classes, more intense, less expensive.  Send me an email if you're interested in more info.