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Need some holiday suggestions

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Need some holiday suggestions

I have some lovely cannisters/jars that I want to give away at Christmas and I want to fill them with goodies  that are NOT cookies. I will start baking Dec 1 and will be giving them away Dec 26th. I want to avoid butter/solid fat and high amounts of sugar/sweetener in the recipes but I don't mind using oil,some sugar/sweetener. I am looking for both mildly sweet and also savory ideas.

So, biscotti is one idea,both sweet and savory.


Italian torelli and such?

Bread sticks?


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Mini Oven

Dried pasta...  using colorful juices for colorful pasta

How about "Rumtopf"... assorted fresh whole or cut fruit covered in rum.  Google>Images

Vinegar flavored with fruit/berries and/or sprigs of garden herbs.

My favorite:  microwave vacuum dried whole or halved fruit.  Very light in weight.   (black cherries, free stone peach wedges, apples rings, pineapple, etc.)   Any of these can be layered for interesting effects.

Nuts with or without the shells.

silk flowers...  arrangements or blossoms without stems

dried beans/peas/lentils  or whole grains that all require about the same soaking and boiling times.  Include cooking or rice cooker instructions in a 3x5 card stuck into the middle of the seeds or wedged in under the lid.


Tree ornaments/ pine cones, twigs with green, holly

cinnamon, whole

tea mix, cocoa mix, with a nice scooper spoon

... :)

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I make  sugar plums. They are dried peaches,dates, raisens, and I think apricots and almonds all ground together. they are held together with thawed frozen juice concentrate. Rolled into balls and rolled in toasted coconut or ground almonds. I can look up the recipe if you are interested.