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How can I have bread all weekend?

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How can I have bread all weekend?

I love my fresh sourdough but don't have the extra time on a Sunday to put the loaf together.  Can I make double on Saturday and retard a loaf for 24 hours?  Am I asking likely to be asking too much or is there another way to do it?



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Hi Stuart, you can shape your loaf on Saturday, and put it in the fridge for Sunday baking.  I've done that quite often.  I will usually let the loaf come up to room temp, and then bake as usual.

I also will often times make a big batch of dough to store in the fridge, and then cut out a hunk of it when I want to bake.  I just shape it cold, and let it rise for a few hours before I bake.  This way, I already have the dough made, so it saves me a bit of time.

Have a great weekend,


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Melanie is correct. You can certainly keep it in an extra day. I personally wouldn't keep dough in the fridge more than three days. Depending on your fridge the dough might start to smell "off." You can, of course store any dough in the freezer for several months. I keep Biga's on hand on this manner.



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Or you can bake both on the saturday, and give the second loaf a quick 10 or so minutes in the oven on Sunday am. It will be crusty but the centre will have returned pretty much like just-baked...

Personally I like it best on the second day anyway....