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Dads cookie cake

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Dads cookie cake

Off topic I know,,,,,but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

 I have made two of these in the past 2 weeks, the second one I jiggled with a little, But think it will be just as nice as the first or even better,, only made it yesterday so havent tried it yet.....

Dads cookie cake from a recipe I first made back in the early 80s... ;-))))qahtan

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Larry Clark

if you include the recipe. Please



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and not include the recipe, I have a cookie recipe for Dad's cookies, but the cake looks wonderful too!

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This is the recipe I used a long time ago, then it came out very well, but I don't know about now. I shall have to get some Dads cookies, I think they were the traditional oatmeal cookie. :-)) qahtan

  Dads cookie cake,,, 3/4 cup soft salted butter

3/4 cup brown sugar cream well

4 eggs one at a time, try to not let it curdle.

1 cup sultanas
1 cup red cherries,
walnuts all chopped up.
1 cup dates
  Cream butter and sugar well, add eggs one at a time, stit in fruit and nuts
Stir in ½ pound Dads cookie crumbs.  put into lined 9 inch pan,
Leave to rest about 1 hour, Bake 300, 2 hours

I made the cake again yesterday and added a cup of dried apricots chopped up also a cup of rice krispies that I pulsed along with the cookie for the crumbs.I also

 added about half the crumbs to the butter and sugar along with the eggs to hold off the curdle.....