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Sticky Buns BBA

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Sticky Buns BBA

Recently made the recipe as per instructions w/ KA AP flour. I had to leave the house for a while, longer than expected, and when I returned the dough had more than tripled in its primary ferment. I proceeded to complete the recipe and they came out beautifly. The texture was right on, soft anddelicious.  what went wrong? It is my understanding that this should have ruined the bread. Should I let this happen again with this recipe?

please comment.


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about your tripled rise with your rich roll dough.  As long as it doesn't fall back on itself it is not ruined.

Enjoy!  Sue

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so, because it is a rich dough the timing is not as critical? would you please explain why for a nubie.

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Don't know if it has anything to do with the enriched part, but I know if your dough hasn't started to collapse yet, it means the gluten matrix is still going strong, your gasses haven't escaped en masse, and your bread (or bread product, in this case) will still turn out fine. Someone else can expand on it further, I'm sure.