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Greetings from S Florida

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Greetings from S Florida

Hello from S Florida. I am a Professional chef by trade who would like to open a bakery.Baking, however is not my strength. My only experience was in cullinary school at J&W years ago. I have been scouring the site for awhile nowand it's great. I look forward to discussing many topics in the near future. I did recently make the sticky buns from BBA and will discuss it in another post. 



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Welcome to our group.  We enjoy reading posts and also putting in our two-cents worth from time to time.  I look forward to seeing your posts.


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Greetings Tad,

I'm thinking of buying a retirement place near Ft. Myers, how's the bakery situatioin there, if you know?  You will enjoy this website, one of the best and I've been using the net since it began.  Great people and lots of things to learn in a usually friendly atmosphere.  Welcome Aboard!

Bernie Piel