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Help with KA stand mixer

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Help with KA stand mixer

I tried making Jasons Ciabatta today and 15 minutes into the knead (speed 6) on my Kitchenaid, the pin that  holds the head onto the stand vibrated loose .. actually came all the way off. I have tried in vain to put it back in but can't get it lined up .. it only goes halfway and then hits a "wall". Has anyone had this problem .. or can someone give me any tips on how to fix it ? I live in Las Vegas and talents here just don't run to small appliance repairs, I guess, as there are NO small appliance repair shops in the phone book .. 

I am frustrated beyond belief  and thank you in advance


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It doesn't sound like a major problem but my KA is a lift bowl, not a tilt head, so I'm not that familiar with it.  But I just wanted to mention that it is my understanding that you're not supposed to knead above speed 2, so maybe that's why the pin worked its way out.  After you get it fixed (I'm sure you can) but before you use it again, you might want to look into that.  Good luck! Genie

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Seemingly hundreds(maybe thousands?) do this recipe. It is a very soft, almost liquid dough. It is possibly the most popular recipe discussed here at Fresh Loaf: Jason's Quick Ciabatta.

 Really doesn't seem harmful to the mixer, except for probably vibrations, which could work a screw loose.

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I want to thank everyone who came to my rescue. I contacted a "handy guy" who lives here and he came over this morning and within 10 minutes I was fixed. the little set screw had worked loose and let the pin vibrate out .. you all have been so helpful .. thank you.

I never meant to imply that it was the fault of Jason's recipe .. there is/was nothing wrong with that. even tho I didn't get adequate knead I went ahead and baked the bread. it came out surprisingly good .. lots of holes but a really (what I thought ) hard crust. but I followed tips I got here, and didn't cut it for about 20 minutes. it softened up considerably and wound up being nice and chewy.. I even had a piece toasted this morning and it is quite good. now that my mixer if fixed I will definitely do it again .. only this time I will only knead on speed 2 as is recommended by others on this site and also in the Kitchenaid manual (it DOES help to read the book)

Thanks Again

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Hi it seems other people on the board have had this problem with the mixer if not the recipe. Maybe you could contact them or post on this other thread to see what they did?

A step-by-step guide on how to relubricate the mixer suggests the pin can be hard to get back in but that it should be doable

That site owner also includes his contact on 'about' and 'contact

Several people mention advice on the KA website.

Hope it gets sorted. Daisy_A

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you're fortunate that you only lost the pin ... probably because the dough is so slack.  Speed 6 is great for making buttercreams and whipping egg whites, but will kill your KA on any moderately stiff dough.

Stan Ginsberg

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Hi Micki,

I wantd to add my utmost sympathy.  I make this ciabatta fairly regularly and it hasn't damaged my kA to any extent that I am aware.  I pound away on speed 10 with the dough kneader and have no damaging effects of which I am aware.  If you can't make bread with the thing, what's the point?  Anyway, good luck in getting it fixed and good luck in producing that Ciabatta recipe.  It really is a pip.  Janson even says something somewhat derogatory about us KA owners like "no, this won't hurt your prrecious KA mixers".  Maybe the pin would have flipped out anyway and it was just a coincidence that it happened during the Ciabatta recipe.  I've had smoke wisping out of the thing at times.

Best of luck and tons of sympathy,


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to the KitchenAid page with 800 numbers and live on line chat.  I find this sort of thing has uneven quality, but if you get a good person, they may be able to help you.